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Diamond Built LLC

Diamond Built LLC

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About Us

With over 50 years of combined construction expertise, Diamond Built LLC takes enormous pride in the commitment to excellence, starting with your very first meeting. Our mission is to exceed your every expectation. Our moto is ''Engineered for Quality, Built with Pride.''

It's all about you! We appreciate your trust in us and take our obligation to you and your project very seriously. Imagine having a builder who delivers quality construction on budget & on time!

To our professional team of experts, knowledge is key. We enjoy a unique partnering opportunity with the most well respected electricians, framers, plumbers, painters & drywall experts in the Tampa Bay area, along with local architectural and engineering firms who offer state-of-the-art designs.

Our loyal commitment to you is surpassed by no one. We believe communication is vital. When it comes to providing information, listening to your needs and wants, & staying in touch we're a phone call or email away. You will be able to see your project status on our website and FB Page. We proudly offer many floor plans with varied options which can be accessed online or be seen in our office. Each plan can be modified according to individual preference or specific need.

We will never compromise value for cost. Only the highest quality building & construction materials are used. Every effort is made to offer the best product at the best pricing available. You will also find our included standard selections and options to be of above average quality. Our attention to detail can be easily recognizable in every project.


Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool Courtyard
Family room
Entertainment Area 1
Entertainment Area 2
Dining room 1
Dining room 2
Living area
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2
Kitchen 3
Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bedroom 1
Guest Bedroom 2
Laundry Room
Balcony view 1
Balcony view 2
Balcony view 3
Demolition of existing home in Safety Harbor
After Demolition
Front view of Safety Harbor, custom 2 story home, 3 bedroom/loft, 2 bath, 2000 sqft
Rear view of Safety Harbor custom home
Gallery Image IMG_20190529_163523056.jpg
Kitchen 1
kitchen 2
kitchen 2 with view double doors leading to the back yard and view of laundry room
Family living area
View of open floor plan: Living area & Kitchen
Gallery Image IMG_20190529_160536875-2.jpg
Bedroom 1: Inside walk-in Closet with view of the secret closet
Bathroom 1
Bedroom 2 with Wet Bar
Bedroom 2
Gallery Image IMG_20190529_161758727-2.jpg
Vew of 2nd floor hall leading to loft/den/study
Master Bedroom 2
Master Bedroom 4
Master Bath
Master Bath 1
Master Bath 2
Master Bath 3
Standard Spec PGT Vinyl Insulated Windows 5400 non-impact 5500 impact
Standard Spec 3/4 foil faced insulation board with "34 furring on all block walls adjacent to living areas
Standard Spec: Engineered wood florr and roof trusses standard bonus room and 2 story homes
Standard Spec: Roof trusses with 2 x 6 top cord
Standard Spec: 3 hose bibs-front garage wall common to house next to water heater
Standard Spec: 2 x 8 Fascia with a 1 x 2 Drip Edge aluminum wrap
Standard Spec: 8 ft tall Garage Opening
Standard Spec: Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation
Gallery Image 71693505_686376025104360_8762654266562183168_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71957560_500211307486139_6191171653259493376_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72360907_2998264323534154_1639432872794259456_n.jpg
Gallery Image front_elevation.jpg
Gallery Image 72423554_389842068362228_8734354954682105856_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71542129_403137207023710_2110192499963199488_n.jpg
Gallery Image seperate_garage.jpg
Gallery Image 72085794_386699858913101_1905641306646904832_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71534876_526145791278898_2622368741580603392_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71514848_552941598799694_9125519487712362496_n.jpg
Gallery Image Master_bath.jpg
Gallery Image 72847738_401442694135939_5482039623175634944_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71667610_1348914181899128_8111740062909071360_n.jpg
Gallery Image ktchen_pool_view.jpg
Gallery Image 71529612_2445665372425839_7038216835564568576_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71676490_2413926395309369_3807368978964152320_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72352485_2439753256100427_4194135070346313728_n.jpg
Gallery Image kitchen.jpg
Gallery Image kitchen_stoves.jpg
Gallery Image 71781246_2533180700247294_5731501137727586304_n.jpg
Gallery Image kitchen_over_view.jpg
Gallery Image dining.jpg
Gallery Image dining_2.jpg
Gallery Image front_doors_interior.jpg
Gallery Image front_doors_exterior.jpg
Gallery Image 73020562_2671450189748870_8788150803043975168_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72689573_766584650444938_3081273958364872704_n_(1).jpg
Gallery Image 71957293_1014504748894012_2205101914176094208_n.jpg
Gallery Image formal_dining.jpg
Gallery Image 72621333_895251657542179_7298776464005005312_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72430797_1384700521693421_461798165020934144_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72249807_433730840588406_3372783155500023808_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71954193_2234756346762966_4541516418998337536_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72277582_473250949931328_9013285249169227776_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71715003_444993559703203_5677344250119847936_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72326290_2354766814573154_5705656099009462272_n.jpg
Gallery Image 72246244_1134632193407848_5653739741221224448_n.jpg
Gallery Image 71750929_484121292434895_4799202224691478528_n.jpg
Gallery Image Pool_2.jpg
Gallery Image land_aerial_view.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5164.jpg
Gallery Image DJI_0846.jpg
Gallery Image DJI_0844.jpg
Gallery Image DJI_0839.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5194-Edit.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5176.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5120.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5136.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5083.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5098.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5049.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A4989.jpg
Gallery Image _H6A5203-Edit.jpg
Gallery Image 80725259_2135220163248177_6642083072617480192_o.jpg
Gallery Image 82334734_2163368770433316_2118274082226044928_o.jpg
Gallery Image 82864617_2175955689174624_6459388001502887936_o.jpg
Gallery Image 84032650_2193547534082106_1827447269494882304_o.jpg
Gallery Image 94143901_2347824205321104_5059560290316713984_o.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-86.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-81.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-67.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-61.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-57.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-50.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-46.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-44.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-35.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-34.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-23_-_Copy.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-21.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-13_-_Copy.jpg
Gallery Image Diamond_Built_Odessa-7_-_Copy.jpg

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