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Fair Offers. Fewer Hassles when you sell your house to a builder with

If it's time to sell an older smaller house in South Tampa... it all starts with a conversation.

Our conversation will be about your situation and how I can help. Once I have your address and know a few things about the house and the lot, as well as your goals... I'll know if it is a good fit for a South Tampa builder, or if you might want to consider other options.

We will then schedule a time to come and see the property.

Once we talk... I will walk the property.

When we meet at the property, I will quickly look at everything to start our preliminary due diligence. What is that? These are the steps we take early in the process to reduce stress and eliminate many surprises for you or the builder. We will talk about zoning, trees, elevation. stormwater concerns and any possible encroachment issues on the site.

Then... you get an offer.

We try our best to keep things simple and transparent.

Want more info... give me a call at 813-784-4199

I'm Rob Wilson, the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty if I'm busy helping another family you may also request your offer online at


Sold to a Builder in Virginia Park
Sold to a Builder in Bel Mar Gardens
Sold to a Builder in North Hyde Park
Sold to a Builder in Swann Estates

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Robert Wilson
Director of Dirt

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