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About Us

Our Builder partners tell us they are constantly amazed at our almost FANATICAL level of 24x7 customer support. Builder-Broker relations is our expertise – that’s all we do. Our goal is to maximize your local brand and educate and inform area Brokers and Real Estate Professionals on just how easy it is to sell YOUR new-construction homes!

Builders – Is there a possible disconnect or ‘room for improvement’ between your Internal teams and local Brokers and Agents? We have found that many times access to current inventory, incentive, community, and event information is quite limited and “slow twitch”, often at the mercy of local print publication deadlines. After meeting with Brokers and Builders across the country, we designed our services to meet those challenges and break the historically slow paradigms of communication between Builders and area Real Estate Professionals.

With over 200 million targeted Builder communications and nearly a billion page views since 2006, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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