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About Us

When Lee Robinson and Ernie Kendler founded Climate Design on April 15, 1973, they had one simple mission: do right by every customer and earn their business for life.

Lee and Ernie understood that earning a customer's business once is easy. Keeping that business after years and even decades of repair calls, installations, and AC replacements is much harder.

It meant the Climate Design team would have to exceed expectations not just once but many times and through many unique HVAC repair and installation challenges.

Half a century later and our priorities haven't changed.

A lot has changed since 1973. Back then, we installed some of the first central air conditioners in West Florida homes. Today, those same homes and customers are on their third- and even fourth-generation AC replacement systems installed by Climate Design!

We also made great strides in the wide variety of services available to our customers. For example, we opened a new Climate Design location in Bradenton in 1987. Then, in 2013, we added a plumbing division to the company. We followed that up with a division of highly skilled electricians in 2017.

A lot has certainly changed for sure, both for Climate Design and the HVAC industry as a whole! But under the guidance of Lee's son Tom, our team continues the same mission of earning the lifetime business of West Florida homeowners. And that's a priority we wouldn't change for the world.

Along with installing and repairing air conditioners, we have expanded our services to include a range of heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing services.


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